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  • Using Human Urine as Fertilizer: All You Need to Know

    Many will find it interesting to learn that urine in this case human Urine can be useful for soil fertilization. At the 2017 African Clean Up Conference held in Cape Coast Ghana, organised by the African Clean-Up Initiative, Dr Bryant a lecturer at the Univeristy of Cape Coast said “Urine is very safe, hygienic, easy […]

  • What you Need to Know About Pepper?

    Pepper has been found to be useful in different ways. Within the food sector, it is being used for the various delicious delicacies we take in. It has also been found useful in the medicine or pharmaceutical sector, for industrial use in manufacturing and for natural crop protection product especially in organic farming. This crop […]

  • How to know the number of seeds you need for planting?

    Crop production is a very lucrative agribusiness; food is one of the basic needs of life. There are lots of farmers or aspiring farmers who are willing to get their feet wet through planting of crops for commercial purpose. After conceiving this aim, what follows is the business and action plan to implement all they […]

  • Think Agribusiness! Think Nigeria! Think Pineapple!

    Pineapple (Ananas comosus) is among the important horticultural fruit crops. It is an economic crop that has encouraging potentials for foreign exchange earnings. It is highly profitable and ranked one of the crops with the most potential in the international market (Adegbite et al, 2014). Pineapple is cultivated mainly for its fruit, which is consumed […]