Factors Affecting Growth Of Snails.

Snails will grow properly when provided with proper environmental and nutritional conditions.

The following factors affect growth of snails: these are 1) Stress: sudden noise, vibration, excessive light and excessive touching of snails are stressors that prevent normal growth.

2)  Overstocking: keeping too many snails per floor space, results in cannibalism, reduced growth and expected turn over.

3) Feeding: snails can thrive on fruits, vegetables and compounded ration, but to get the desired growth the snails need to be placed on supplements to boost growth.

4) Temperature: the higher the temperature the lower the growth. A temperature above 35 degrees will reduce growth rate of snails.

5) Moisture content: the snail pen must be moist to assist growth and reproduction, as the lower the moisture content the slower the growth rate.

All these factors are still centered on bio security protocols and   if not ensured the snails will not grow at all and many will be riddled with disease and many more will die.


Snails are hardy and not easily predisposed to diseases except when management procedures are wrong.

The signs of diseases are 1) Inappetence.

2) Inactivity.

3) Dryness of the fleshy part.

4) Nodules on the surface.

The predisposing factors are a) High temperature in the snail pen as temperature higher than 35degrees is detrimental to growth and health.

  1. b) Overstocking of snails, and stocking different ages together
  2. c) Excessive exposure of snails to sunlight in snail pen.
  3. d) Dryness of the snail pen.
  4. e) Feeding moldy feed.
  5. f) Feeding contaminated feed, and feed of low quality.
  6. g) Indiscriminate use of chemicals, detergents and insecticides around and within snail pen.
  7. h) Giving dirty water, or contaminated water.

The best form of prevention is to ensure strict bio security protocols and provide better environmental conditions.

WRITER- Ojuri Bolanle a  Veterinarian and an entrepreneur.Interested in public health,genetics,robotics,research and business development. She can be reached via ojuribolanle@yahoo.co.uk.  You can read more on her articles here

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