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July 13, 2017

  • JOB OPENING- Program Officer -ICRISAT

    ICRISAT is seeking applications for the position of Program Officer which will be based at ICRISAT, Bamako, Mali.

     Grade: SMG

    Position Title: Program Officer

    Duty Station: Bamako

    Section/Unit: WCA Program

    Reports to: Regional and Research Program Director, ICRISAT WCA


    Purpose of Position: The position is responsible for overseeing various programs, preparing reports, building relationships and Coordinating with colleagues/partners to ensure smooth […]

  • Factors Affecting Growth Of Snails.

    Snails will grow properly when provided with proper environmental and nutritional conditions.

    The following factors affect growth of snails: these are 1) Stress: sudden noise, vibration, excessive light and excessive touching of snails are stressors that prevent normal growth.

    2)  Overstocking: keeping too many snails per floor space, results in cannibalism, reduced growth and expected turn over.

    3) […]