Early Bird Registration: Int’l Training on Linking Farmers to Markets in Africa – Accra, Ghana. May 15 -19, 2017

IFDC announces an international Training Program on Linking Farmers to Markets in Africa
Accra, Ghana  | May  15-19, 2017

Thank you IFDC for the wonderful opportunity offered. I learned new and useful things about Linking Farmers to Markets and have met and made new friends and contacts that I will cherish for a long time to come. My colleagues and I extend our hand of friendship to all; we tremendously enjoyed the company of all our fellow trainees.

This training program is beneficial to us as we just started supporting agricultural value chains in our country

The training course was good and very educative. I am implementing most of the activities directly with our partners and will improve on my services to them. Congratulations, IFDC, for a well-planned training.

Program Fees:
Early Bird Registration and Payment by March 27 $1,500

Regular Registration and Payment by April  17   $1,650

Late After April  17   $1,800

REGISTER AT https://www.eiseverywhere.com/ereg/index.php?eventid=213273&categoryid=1701473

•       Producer organizations and trade associations.
•       Government officials dealing with formulating and implementing agricultural and trade policies.
•       Service providers such as financial institutions, insurance companies, transporters, mobile phone services, ICT platform solutions, market information services, business development services, etc.
•       Agribusinesses dealing with farmers: processors, exporters and importers, agro-dealers, etc.
•       Representatives of national and international organizations involved in funding agricultural development and enterprise projects.
•       Discuss the theory behind the different principles and components of farmer-to-market linkages and draw on lessons and best practices of IFDC and partner organizations in Africa;
•       Show how to make theory successful in practice through well-selected case studies;
•       Improve capacities to analyze farmer-to-market linkages within the context of specific agricultural environments and their input and output markets;
•       Develop project(s) proposals which incorporate principles that allow for effective farmer-to-market linkages; and
•       Create a network to facilitate future exchanges, joint proposal development, mainstreaming of farmer linkages approaches and long-lasting, professional relationships.

For further information, please click https://www.eiseverywhere.com/file_uploads/c8fdd6d94de7c1e96c98894e9d9de104_Brochure2017LFtMinAfricaasofFeb62017.pdf and read the detailed program description.

For more details contact : training@ifdc.org

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